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General information about fwfr

Brief History

The Four Word Film Review fell out of the mind of Benj Clews on the 26th of October, 1999- the offspring of a stupid idea and sheer laziness

After a slow couple of years (prior to Yahoo listing it as Site of the Day), FWFR has since flourished into a beast of a website sporting over a quarter of a million reviews and summaries for thousands of films and a legion of die-hard reviewers.

FWFR has made it to the finals in the Webby Awards, featured in many publications from around the world including Time Magazine and Variety, spawned a book and continues to give its developer something other than travel and financial websites to put on his c.v.

The Book

Four Word Film Reviews- The Book is available to buy now from Amazon (US, UK), Barnes & Noble and Borders


For any queries, please contact Benj Clews via email on benj(at)


The latest incarnation of FWFR has been developed in various coffee shops around London and beach bars in Southern Thailand since 2008.

Thanks To

Andy Stubbs - for the CSS advice and repeated prods of "Is it done yet?"

The FWFR community - for giving me the space to work on the new site and repeated prods of "Is it done yet?"

My wife Lisa - for putting up with me being hunched over a keyboard every evening and never asking why I'm not done yet.


My Mum, Gillian Clews, passed away much too soon on the 19th of February, 2003.

Without question, she is the reason this site exists. Not simply because she brought me into this world but because she filled me with a childlike imagination that she never discouraged me from indulging in.

This site is dedicated to my Mum as testament to the inspiration she gave me and the dreamer she made me.

- benj clews